“Live the best version of yourself”
Jarmila Conka, BHSc Health Science and proud member of the Australian National Association of Australia (ANTA), providing complete healthcare in clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, wellness coaching and functional medicine.

My philosophy is to support healing using evidence based and traditional methods with non-invasive and non-toxic natural remedies. To inspire and educate patients that will provide a healthy, balanced life and help them achieve a better, happier and healthier version of themselves.

My career started in sales and account management roles. However, this really didn’t resinate with me. My aspirations and passion for natural health led me to follow my true path being Naturopathy.

I believe that all people should have access to a Natural Health Practitioner, no matter how remote they are. In today’s world the convenience of Online Consultations via Zoom is a given.

My commitment to ongoing training and staying up to date with scientifically based holistic healthcare in order to provide my patients with the most effective and suitable treatment.

  • Congruent with the naturopathic philosophy available Australia wide with Virtual Consultations.
  • To stay passionate about what I do is true success in life.
  • A commitment to community health care.