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Why Naturopathy?
As part of a holistic consultation, it is extremely important to understand a broad range of factors that implement someone’s health that moves way beyond the initial complaint or condition.

Here are some factors that are reviewed during an initial consultation.

  • Family History
  • General Health History
  • Lifestyle History
  • Psychological History
Functional testing is focused on physiological function. How the body functions at a molecular, organ or tissue level, rather than just identifying the presence of disease as conventional medical tests provide.

It is a comprehensive way of testing that can identify the root cause of your health concern and can also identify any unique nutritional needs.

For successful health management, functional testing may be necessary for optimal outcomes. A combination of herbal treatments or evidence-based supplementation treatment along with functional testing will improve clinical efficacy.

Here are some tests that may be considered

  • Food Intolerance testing
  • Digestive health
  • Heavy Metal testing
  • Fertility testing
Please keep in mind that for all tests to be considered, all patients must be assessed by a fully qualified practitioner with an initial consultation prior to testing.
A holistic assessment is made of the patients symptoms and vitality (level of inner energy), by exploring the physical, mental, social and spiritual factors that affect an individual.

First, we explore the constitutional strengths and weaknesses that are the physical and mental attributes that they are born with. This includes inherent strengths and weaknesses of different physiological systems, temperament and genetics.

Second, factors that occur over time are considered. This includes the way a patient grew up, environmental and socioeconomic factors such as the types of traumas or diseases, diet and lifestyle needs. It is an individualised and targeted therapeutic protocol.

A treatment plan is then designed, tailored to suit that individual and may need further investigating.

My task is to assist the patient in gaining better understanding of their vitality, building health resources and skills to reduce health deficits.

My patients’s role is to acquire self help skills. This is encouraged by myself and I will be there for every step of the way to ensure that you stay on track of your health journey!